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Early Cubism
Early Cubism
January 2009
EEP Society
  1. Four Gone Pierre (3:08)
  2. Rudimentary Animation (4:04)
  3. Draw For Me, M.C. Escher (3:52)


Notes: 'Early Cubism' is a digital download only release of three demo tracks taken from the 'My Grandfather, The Cubist' recording sessions of early 2008. You can hear original versions of "Four Gone Pierre", "Rudimentary Animation" and "Draw For Me, M.C. Escher" in all of their raw, uncluttered, inspired glory. Recorded and mixed completely in mono with very little sequencing involved, 'Early Cubism' gives a rare glimpse into the sketchpad of Joy Electric recordings.

Files are encoded in stereo, despite the monaural sound.

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